Research and development are vital components of the Hopewell Project’s work. By fostering a culture of critical thinking and creative discovery, our team generates and researches new ideas in renewable technologies and turns them into realities. Data capture, performance analysis, efficiency improvements, engineering to reduce prices, modification into new uses: all of these are examples of the work done by the Hopewell Project’s technology team.

We continue to work closely with accredited universities and select individuals on specific projects and to provide training in the practical application of renewable technologies.

Current projects include:

The Solar-Hydrogen Home

The next phase of the solar-hydrogen home project will involve data capture and analysis as well as engineering of key components. By further refining the system for cost, size and efficiency, we hope to have an affordable, turnkey system available to consumers within two years.

The Duffy Voyager

Partnering with the Duffy Electric Boat company, we will be retrofitting The Duffy Voyager, a 62'carbon hull speedboat, with an onboard solar-hydrogen fuel cell system. The system will produce hydrogen on board, as needed, creating no emmissions. Upon completion, the speedboat will attempt to break all records for speed and range.

The solar hydrogen home:
getting an affordable, turnkey system market ready

The Duffy Voyager
a custom solar-hydrogen racing boat on track to break all ocean going speed and distance records